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Desiree Merriweather

Desiree Merriweather

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Office: Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage
117 Creech Rd
Blythewood, SC 29016

I am not often in the habit of extolling my virtues. This best description of who I am and what I have to offer as your real estate professional can be found in the words below from a former client who now, is also an agent with Coldwell Banker Residential Brokerage:


Desiree is a valuable and integral part of any organization.  She brings a high level of intellectual contribution and technical "know how" when it comes to the real estate profession.

Desiree has spent over a third of her life dedicated to learning her craft and honing her skills into into the well-oiled real estate machine that we see today.  Not only has she gained experience over the years, but she has committed herself to sharpening her knowledge so that she can be "that" much better when she is assisting her clients.

She is extremely reliable when it comes to getting her client's needs met to the utmost.  The transaction is not the most important part of her work, but the customer service she provides her clients, providing them what they need to navigate the sometime difficult waters of purchasing or selling a home. In fact her reliability is what makes her a mainstay in the training sect of Russell and Jeffcoat Real Estate. 

Her professionalism is always at the forefront in any of her dealings.  From raving reviews, to unsolicited accolades, Desiree is well known and respected for the professionalism she demonstrates, no matter what the situation.  She demonstrates that professionalism in all that she does.  She is slow to anger and considers all angles of an issue before she responds out of emotion…a very uncanny trait! 

When it comes to real estate knowledge, Desiree is the consummate expert.  Her knowledge is not one-dimensional.  She pulls from a myriad of knowledge bases and experiences to develop solutions when needed. More importantly, this knowledge allows her to perform at a consistently high level. She holds strong the belief that in order to be better, education is the key to success in any endeavor.  At any given time she can be found in continuing education courses to keep her knowledge relevant.  

Not only does Desiree gain knowledge, but she provides knowledge for new and old agents alike on a myriad of topics necessary for an agent's success. Even while performing in this official capacity, Desiree always takes time to mentor and assist anyone who has expressed a desire of need.

When it boils down to everything, Desiree is trustworthy and she is the one we always want on our team.


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"Keep on writing and chginugg away!"

  -Liliam, Colleague